An Innovative Advertising And E-Commerce Technology

Using Toomix special Downloader or Toomix Downloading Platform :

  • A new advertisement space is created during downloads

  • Ads are broadcasted when customer is highly receptive and cannot be suppressed

  • Downloads become cheaper and fun

  • Advertisements are of TV-Style format, most current Web format supported

The Idea :

When a user downloads a file he normally has to pay for it. BUT... If advertisement is shown during download, it covers theses costs. Now file can be offered for free or at a reduced price.

More :

  • This advertisement window stays on top of other windows and within the screen during downloading time.

  • If the advertisement is not viewed until the end - commercial file remains unusable.

  • After the advertisement has been viewed the file can be decrypted to user's computer.

  • The system can recognize the user that previously used Toomix downloader with this or other site.

  • A wide range of statistics is collected, and advertisements can be selected upon a user profile.


Toomix Process

Take a look at our Powerpoint Presentation for more details.

Patents and Copyrights :

INPI Worldwide n 2870952
APP France IDDN.FR001.430008.00.R.C.2001.000.31500
US : n TX 5-520-815
Toomix Software Copyright 2004-2005


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Solutions :

Toomix for advertisers

Toomix for sites


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Advertising via Internet

Known facts

  • - More advertising brands switching to internet advertising platform.

  • - Global Internet advertising budget growth by 78% from 2005 (source).

  • - Pop-ups click rate dropped down by 1% (source).

  • - Most of today browsers blocking popups and banners.


  • - Internet taking over press-media as a full-featured media.

  • - The average budget of an advertiser on Internet exceeds today the average budget of a press magazine campaign.(source)

  • - Rich Media creations are becoming a standard of advertisement.(source)


  • - Popups and banners impact is altered, what results in an unwanted effect. Consumers want non-aggressive advertising methods, not altering browsing. Now a new advertising space is available for Brands with Toomix...

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