Toomix - Solution for Sites and Publishers

Make Your Site Popular and Shop More Competitive

You are interested in:

  • Promoting your downloading site?

  • Exploiting 100% of your audience easily and Friendly?

  • Via a multiusage and easy to use tool?

Toomix will boost your traffic and revenues

Example: In case of a music store our technology can lower one song price down to 0,15 Euros all taxes included. Compare to 0,99 Euros with i-Tunes... Please contact us to learn more.

Toomix Advantages

  • Discover a new attractive advertising space to resell

  • Attract the customer making downloads cheaper and fun

  • Increase your final revenues and traffic

Software Solution

The software comes as a complete suite for handling an promotional event or a campaign.

Consists of following parts:

  • Server application

  • Internet user applications

  • System tools

Server Application


  • Install support for tmx:// protocol.
  • Downloader designed to download files via tmx:// protocol.
  • Shows ad during download, staying on top of other windows and within screen.
  • Deprotects downloaded content if requirements have been met (ad shown).
  • Plays sound content (optional).


  • AES encryption/decryption mechanism for protected content.
  • Advertisements are any HTML (java effects etc), Flash (swf), Flash Video (flv).


  • Win32 executable
  • Installation time : average skin size 160k
  • ActiveX control Verisign certifyed
  • Microsoft Windows 95
  • Microsoft Window Media Player for sound playing feature
  • Macromedia Flash 7 for video advertisings
  • Tested with Internet Explorer 4 Mozilla, Netscape, Opera and more.

Client applications


  • Engine for Toomix downloads
  • Statistics collection


  • Enables toomix downloads
  • Control panel for total management
  • Fast installation
  • Easy downloader skin replacements
  • On-region-dependant broadcastings


  • PHP 4, MySQL or other database.

System tools


  • Tool for converting files to encrypted format.


  • Enables toomix downloads
  • Control panel for total management
  • Collects downloads and users statistics


  • Win32 executable
  • Microsoft Windows 95


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Solutions :

Toomix for advertisers

References :

RSM Sm3 car launched

Amigo (4th French GSM operator)

Dauphin Telecom

Competion for Citroen C4


Image from SM3 skin

See how it works now!

Advertising via Internet

Known facts

  • - More advertising brands switching to internet advertising platform.

  • - Global Internet advertising budget growth by 78% from 2005 (source).

  • - Pop-ups click rate dropped down by 1% (source).

  • - Most of today browsers blocking popups and banners.


  • - Internet taking over press-media as a full-featured media.

  • - The average budget of an advertiser on Internet exceeds today the average budget of a press magazine campaign.(source)

  • - Rich Media creations are becoming a standard of advertisement.(source)


  • - Popups and banners impact is altered, what results in an unwanted effect. Consumers want non-aggressive advertising methods, not altering browsing. Now a new advertising space is available for Brands with Toomix...

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