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Looking for :

  • A strong advertising impact ?

  • An innovative and interactive advertising method ?

  • An easy way to ensure the right targeting ?

  • A wide range statistics profile collection ?

  • A Multiusage tool ?

Toomix solutions are fitted to your needs.

What we can do for you.

Setup an internet advertising campaign for you, Licence the right tool to help you setting on your own campaign.

  • Server application

  • Internet user applications

  • System tools

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Solutions :

Toomix for sites

References :

RSM Sm3 car launched

Amigo (4th French GSM operator)

Dauphin Telecom

Competion for Citroen C4


Image from SM3 skin

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Advertising via Internet

Known facts

  • - More advertising brands switching to internet advertising platform.

  • - Global Internet advertising budget growth by 78% from 2005 (source).

  • - Pop-ups click rate dropped down by 1% (source).

  • - Most of today browsers blocking popups and banners.


  • - Internet taking over press-media as a full-featured media.

  • - The average budget of an advertiser on Internet exceeds today the average budget of a press magazine campaign.(source)

  • - Rich Media creations are becoming a standard of advertisement.(source)


  • - Popups and banners impact is altered, what results in an unwanted effect. Consumers want non-aggressive advertising methods, not altering browsing. Now a new advertising space is available for Brands with Toomix...

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