You need to install an application that handle links beginning with tmx:// prefix to experience Toomix demo.


We actually offer two types of installation. Automatic one selects the best method according to your browser. For example, in case of Internet Explorer it would be a secure ActiveX.

You can experience both types of installation:

Next step would be to experience demos below.

Demo Variants:


Type 1

download download  

Type 2

download   download

Type 3

  • Type 1 : File not protected.

  • Type 2 : File must be unlocked before playing.

  • Type 3 : File not exported, can be played by Toomix player only.

Latest News

Toomix has launched a downloading campaign for Renault Samsung Motors. press-release

Solutions :

Toomix for advertisers

Toomix for sites

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