Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can your program affect my personal data security?

Our program operates in only legal and declared ways, we collect no information other that needed for downloading process to execute

Q : What are minimum requirements for installing and using site downloader program?

Toomix Downloader is actually only Windows-compatible.
Required are:
- WMP 7 or higher
- Macromedia Flash 7 or higher
- Win 95 or higher
- IE 4 or higher, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera...

Q : I am using a firewall, what shall I do?

If You are using a firewall just enable Toomix Downloader to be able to access Internet.

Q : I have a window telling me that an external application must be run to handle tmx:// links , what do I do?

Apparently you are using a browser other that Microsoft Internet Explorer, just click OK. You should also select "Do not ask me again" checkbox if any to facilitate surfing.

To run properly our downloader program needs special links of tmx-protocol type. This is why You may have this prompt displayed.

Note : messages can vary depending of your browser type.

Q : I fail to download a file, what do I do?

1) Check you have Internet connection working properly.

2) Make sure You have installed our downloading program, to install click here

3) If You have a firewall active, check that "Toomix Downloader" can access Internet.

4) Make sure You have Macromedia Flash et Windows Media Player installed. If that's not the case You can download them by clicking on theses icons:

5) If you are using a browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer, check You have installed support for tmx protocol (see question above).

6) If none of the the above helps please see next question ("I found a bug...").

Q : I found a bug in your program, what do I do?

Send a mail to support@toomix.com, with following information:
- Your Windows version,
- your browser name and version,
- a brief description of the problem.

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