Toomix: An Innovative Advertising And E-Commerce Technology

Discover a new advertising technology designed to take profit of internet downloads time space.

With Toomix :

  • Broadcast at high perception moment
  • Make downloads cheaper and entertaining

Let Your Advertisements Become

Toomix Downloader

  • Innovative and interactive

  • Precisely targeting

  • Unskipable but friendly

Toomix Solutions Enable Real Multimedia Advertising

You are an advertiser looking for more communicative impact? Click here!

You have an internet site, offering files - music, software etc? Our technology will make you more popular and your shop more competitive!... Learn more!

You are an online user ? Look at the real alternative to your tomorrow's online purchases!

Latest News

Toomix has launched a downloading campaign for Renault Samsung Motors. press-release

Solutions :

Toomix for advertisers

Toomix for sites


A song price can be fixed at a ridiculous 0,15 Euros all taxes included. Now compare to 0,99 Euros with i-Tunes... read more


Image from SM3 skin

See how it works now!

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